Assignment 4 : Greed Game – Iran

Overall messages/tensions:

  • deep-rooted ‘spiritual’, sufi and also progressive art ‘feminine’ side (even lorry drivers I met in the 70s could recite poetry and the Shah and his father implemented social reforms eg in position of women) which became linked to corruption of the elite class
  • the very conservative male domination of the mullahs that took over with a promise to address poverty, stamp out corruption and provide a strong moral government
  • schizophrenia of the shah living in a fairy world of the past and imposing it with torture and repression that is intensified now under the Islamic Revolution (though currently – temporarily?? – relaxing somewhat after the nuclear deal)

Colours: like Isfahan and other mosques: deep blue, turquoise, gold and light purple

Shape dynamics: wavy, swirly Arabesques overlaid by vertical bars and shadowy figures in the dark

Materials: juxtaposing Gouache miniatures (maybe on top of photos) and transparency slides as whitewash/overlay hiding what is underneath


  • Shah
  • Empress Farah (shah’s last and favourite wife)
  • Princess Ashraf (shah’s twin sister)
  • Mr Hoveyda (former Prime Minister)
  • General Fardoust (SAVAK)
  • Khomeini (to lead Revolution)
  • Kianpour (Social Affairs Minister)
  • Mahnaz Afkhani (professional woman)
  • Eslamzadeh (Health Minister)

Iran_background pdf

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