Letter S

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First doggerel: Secretive serpent sensuously slithers seeking shadowy synchronicity

Materials: Sugar, salt, sand, sandpaper, sap, screenprint, scoring,scribble, scrim, scumble, seal, semigloss, semimatt, silk, sfumato, sgraffito, shellac, shoji translucent rice paper, silver point, silver foil, sketch, stamp, staple, stencil, stipple, stump, stylus, sisal, smear, soap, stain, stained glass, silk paper, Somerset White, sandpaper, sellotape, satin paper, Shoshan (woodcut)

Style: Surrealist, sumerian, semitic, sumie, surimono

Preliminary ideas

My initial ideas for this are to do a Sumerian style Photoshop stainedglass on silk. With some of the other elements added in.

Experiments with Procreate brushes

Developing the image

Final image




Adobe typefaces

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