4: Materials and processes

Books are of many different types

  • different types of paper have different tactile qualities and associations
  • colours have physical, psychological and cultural impacts – different colour schemes for the same designs can give radically different effects
  • different printing processes affect way different types of paper absorb and enhance different colours and types of ink differently
  • books do not need to be bound as linear narrative, they can be collated in different to explore meanings and concepts to challenge readers as active participants rather than passive recipients of information.

Project 4: Experimental Book

Page 4.1 Paper

History of paper
Paper types
Paper Sizes

Papermaking: Asian and African traditional
Papermaking: handmade
Papermaking: industrial

Project 4.1: Paper/ephemera

Page 4.2 Colour

Managing colour

Creative Design Process: Identity

Project 4.2: Creating Images

4.3 The Printing Process

Printing process

Research Point: Visit to the Printer’s (to be done)

Project 4.3 Printing

Project 4.4 Alternative Approaches: Collating and Binding

Collating and binding

Artists Books

Book Binding

Project 4.4: Collating and Binding

Assignment 4: Altered Book: The Greed Game

For this Assignment I chose a book on the oil industry in 1970s as the basis for a board game ‘The Greed Game’ that challenges players to explore the complex motivations and impacts of the oil boom of the 1970s, and its ultimate contribution to the ‘terrorist threats’ of today.

The Greed Game –  Iran

The Greed Game – Oman

The Greed Game – Saudi Arabia

The Greed Game – United Arab Emirates

Research on underlying concepts  and messages

I narrowed down the content of the book to focus on four countries: Iran (where I had also been at the end of the 1970s when this book was written), Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. My research covered both historical development and background to the countries, documentary videos on You Tube (which I also used as the inspiration for drawings and illustrations, photos on the Internet and development and political updates on the countries from organisations like United Nations Development Reports, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Al Jazeera website.

Oil industry

Islam, democracy and human rights

Islamic terrorism

Iran (forthcoming)


Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates


Research on design

Colour in Islamic Cultures

Islamic geometric design

Islamic Geometric Design Using Adobe Illustrator

Islamic calligraphy

Islamic Modern Art

Iranian Art: Geometric

Iranian Art: Modern

Shirin Neshat (Iranian feminist photographer)

Oman art 

Emirates Art 

Saudi Art

Discoveries about materials and processes

Blobs and Drips

Tissue paper

OHP transparencies



Inkjet printing and scanning (forthcoming)

Distressed paper (forthcoming)

Cartoons and caricatures (forthcoming)


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