2: Form and Function Anatomy

Anatomy of a book


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A flatplan is an overall guide to the editorial structure of the book that is adapted by the designer and editor together. It maps the book’s extent (number of pages), main elements and where colour and images can be used:

  • front matter (or ‘prelims’): the frontispiece – usually a recto (righthand page) showing the author’s name, title, name of publisher and perhaps an image. Other material contained in the front matter includes the title page and contents page. |Note: it does not include details of the cover.
  • body of the book: where important features such as chapter openers will be positioned – these usually fall on a recto page, or across a double-page spread.
  • end matter:  notes and references, bibliography, glossary, appendices and index.

see peoject on flatpan

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