2: Form and Function 3: Principles Approaches

International Design Approaches

Design Timelines (Western design only)

33 famous graphic design companies from around the globe

For cross-cultural Street Art from my Illustration course see my post on that blog: Street Art 

African graphic design

See Post on African design

Middle East and Africa–psd-5036

Kenya NGO Design

Uses flags and colours in shape of a country

NGO Report with colour-coded sections with bold colour combinations

Nigeria TV brilliant colours

Ethiopia and Eritrea

Influence of Arab Street Art

EYE Magazine:

More curvy designs from Ethiopia NGO with limited but bright palette


Ibrahim El-Salahi

See also for directory of African designers.

Islamic Design

Islamic Design

Saudi Art

Iranian Art: Geometric

Iranian Art: Modern

Shirin Neshat

Japanese design

Cross between Zen minimalism, off-centre balance and Pokemon playfulness with very crowded collage.

Zen Aesthetics

Toko Shinoda

Koichi Yamamoto

Japanese Woodcut

Yayoi Kusama

For more on my study of Japanese design, art and illustration see my post on my Illustration blog: Japanese Styles

Latin America

EYE Magazine:

European Design

Wine Bottles from different countries

Signs from London

Art Nouveau

Art Deco



Expressionist woodcuts


Filippo Marinetti



EYE Magazine from Greece: