Course Review

Review of achievements

I started this course with very little knowledge of Book Design or Graphic Design, and studied in parallel to courses on illustration and printmaking. All these courses have complemented each other and fed into each other as a very stimulating learning curve in which my tutor has been very instrumental in encouraging my experimentation. I have enjoyed a wide range of topics in the course, particularly:

  • creating my own images and text and experimenting with different design and layout options. I enjoyed making the sketchbook for On the Road drawing while listening to the text. I also enjoy drawing, painting and photography as both illustration and fine art. I do not so much enjoy working with the images and text of others as a purely layout exercise. Though I did enjoy interpreting Jabberwocky in Project 2: Illustrating Text and my initial experiments on layout in grid types.

As a support to my own exploration I have enjoyed:

      • looking at the work of Modernist and experimental designers and typographers in the Western tradition, including designers like: Dan Eldon, Muller Brockman, Marinetti and the different uses of visual dynamics of line, shape and colour.
      • looking at design in different cultures and the different uses of line, shape and colour as for example Islamic Design in Assignment 4: Saudi ArtIranian Art: GeometricIranian Art: MiniaturesIranian Art: ModernIslamic Geometric Design. In other OCA courses I have also looked in detail at Japanese and African traditions, and this is something that is very much part of my scope of interest as I move forward to Visual Communications Level 2 courses.

Things I would like to explore further going forward

  • visual dynamics of design
  • calligraphy and expressive type and visual dynamics of letterforms – following on from my work in Assignments 3 and 4
  • using different papers and materials for printing and then seeing how to enhance the effects through further digital manipulation in Photoshop – drawing also on work for OCA Printmaking 1 and Illustration 2.
  • commercial self-publishing options and process, including further work on Layout and Narrative.

See also my artist statement for my design work: