Submission contents and tutor reports

In deciding what to submit for assessment, most of my best work was in the assignments. As books these are more extensive in scope than portfolios in many other courses. Many of the projects involved research rather than original work and so further limited the scope. Alongside the extensive assignment work I selected a few things that were not in the assignment work.

A2 Portfolio Case: Portfolios and ASSIGNMENTS

Box 1: My Box of Best Books

White Box

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Submission Sheet

Box 2: The Greed Game: Black Box

Assignment 4 Altered Book: The Greed Game
tied with a black Arab head tie (like a noose)

Top tier (6 items)

  • Game Booklet
  • Total Life
  • Background Booklets Iran, Oman, Saudi and UAE

Game Board loose board

Bottom Tier in folder

  • Players of Greed West (8 items): Money Rush Background, Khashoggi, Colin Maxwell, Hugh Boughstead, Sam Cummings, Mohammed Al Tajir, John Eggleton, Margaret MacKay.
  • Players of Greed East (7 items): Shk Zayed, Fatima Bint Mubarak, Shkha Sanaa, Iran deals, Empress Farah and the Black Panther, Oman, stapled loose book pages of corruption

A1 Portfolio Case: My Big Black Bag of Sketchlogs

  • Sketchlog 1: Books (A4 landscape)
  • Sketchlog 2: Design and Designers (A3)
  • Sketchlog 3: Typography (A3)
  • Sketchlog 4: My Fat Little Book of Me (A5)
  • Sketchlog 5: The Greed Game Experiments and sketches
  • Sketchlog 6: My Huge Expandable Heap of Experiments (A2 in 2 parts held with bulldog clips)

Tutor Reports

Tutor Report BD1

Tutor Report BD2

Tutor Report BD3

Tutor Report BD4

Tutor Report BD5