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Zemni is a blind molerat bumbling around trying to make sense of the world. She thinks that if she could only learn to see more clearly how things really are, and communicate her visions, she could help it be a very beautiful world.

But seeing clearly takes a lot of effort, in an increasingly complex and contradictory world. It is easier to just lie back and dream of what could be….rather than struggle to find a voice amid all the other voices competing to be heard. While life speeds by and spaceship spins away, possibly headed for disaster.

This blog is part of Zemni’s attempt to find her small voice. To pull all her thoughts together and help communicate her feelings about the world around her – anywhere and everywhere and anything. And explore the interlinkages between the different areas of her art, design and photography visual communication practice in her attempt to make the world that better place.

For more about Linda Mayoux, my other courses and Zemni see:

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