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Doggerel: Lanky lad liking luscious lips leave lonely lady lusting labyrinthine love

Media: Linocut, lipstick, lace, lacquer, leaf, linseed oil, laid paper, laminate, latex

Style: Line, life drawing, linear perspective, loop,

Preliminary ideas

First doggerel: Lanky long-legged lads licking lilly lips lose lonely ladies lusting labyrinthine love

Lace ladies

Source images

Development of the image

This image developed a life of its own. Originally I had intended to use the sinuous forms of the lace as the lady. But when I composited the lipstick images I saw the picture of the very jealous-looking lady and started to experiment with that. I also discovered the shaft of light through an open window framing the lips. So the image started to take on a very multilayered set of meanings.

After that the main focus was to get colour balance and meaning between the different elements, contrasting shades of the main colours of  lilac, green and yellow.

The final twist came as I switched off one of the layers to try and eliminate an annoying light blotch in the bottom right corner. This revealed the very dark ambiguous lady where the image switches between the jealous much older lady and a younger lady in her head to the right. Making yet another layer of meanings/

Final image



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