Project 2.1 Flatpan

The Task

Using one of the hardback books that you sourced in Part One, create a flatplan of the first eight pages of your selected book, similar to the example on the previous page.
Indicate where important text and images occur, on a recto (right-hand) or verso (left-hand) page, or as a double-page spread.
Indicate images by a crossed box, as in the example for ‘front cover’ in the diagram on the previous page. These crossed rectangles indicate image boxes in desktop publishing (DTP) software, and are used in drafts and sketches to signify image material. There is no need to go into detailed drawing regarding text or image material at this stage. Text can be indicated by a series of thick horizontal lines, with main headings sketched in.
Use the flatplan to familiarise yourself with the structure of a book. Note the blank pages and how they are organised to complement the preceding or following page. Note the extent (number of pages) in the book and whether it has been printed in signatures, or sections. Document your flatplan and research in your learning log.

Below are photographs of some pages from Sketchlog 1: Books where I produced flatpans showing the contents of different types of book. For further details see Sketchlog 1.