Letter R

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel Rorschach rabbit regretfully ruminates romantic reversals First doggerel:  Rabid rebel rabbit roars ravenously repelling raggedy rioting Romans Materials: Relief print, resist, roller, rake, resin, raffia, rasps, rattan, rust, rice paper, rag paper, rice Style: Repetition, roman, rayonism, rorschach, Round, rugosity, rough, riotous, ragged, running Preliminary ideas Rust found images Developing the image Final […]

Project 4: Experimental Book: Anon.

NOTE I did a lot of work on this assignment just prior to sending for assessment and did not have time to take photos and update these blog pages. Please refer to physical submission for assessment and treat these pages as background only. This project revisited the theme of ‘Identity’ from Project 1.3: Identity – a […]