Assignment 4 : Greed Game – Iran

Overall messages/tensions: deep-rooted ‘spiritual’, sufi and also progressive art ‘feminine’ side (even lorry drivers I met in the 70s could recite poetry and the Shah and his father implemented social reforms eg in position of women) which became linked to corruption of the elite class the very conservative male domination of the mullahs that took […]

Assignment 4: Greed Game – United Arab Emirates

UAE Background booklet so far: UAE_background_Version6 UAE research page UAE art Overall messages/tensions UAE has been cobbled together by colonial powers from 7 emirates that find it quite problematic to work together, because of historic rivalries. MKuch of what has been built has risen out of the desert because of a wish for self-aggrandisement by sheikhs […]

Assignment 4: Greed Game – Oman

Overall messages/tensions Oman is a relatively peaceful country, proud of its cultural past and developing a tourist industry. Although lots of money was wasted by Sultan Qaboos who is lambasted in the book, there seems to be little political repression and Omani women have a lot of freedom. The main concern is what will happen […]

Assignment 4 Altered Book : The Greed Game

NOTE I did a lot of work on this assignment just prior to sending for assessment and did not have time to take photos and update these blog pages. Please refer to physical submission for assessment and treat these pages as background only. Contents of physical submission for assessment:  The Greed Game Box tied with a […]