Assignment 1: Introducing yourself Zine

Assignment Brief This first assignment is about introducing yourself so that your tutor can get to know you, your interests and your work better. This assignment is not submitted for formal assessment. What was the last book you read? What was the first book you read? What’s your favourite cover design? What are your ‘top ten’ titles? […]

Creative Design Process – Identity

The Brief: ‘Identity’ Using ‘Identity’ as your theme, create several images which explore aspects of your self. Use these images to illustrate a small (A5) booklet. Think laterally. Avoid the obvious. Go beyond the superficial. Be imaginative and inventive. Use any media you like – photography, drawing, textile, collage, etc. – to explore and develop your visual ideas. Work through the design […]

Influential Books

Task Global: Objective Think about the influence of books globally. Can you think of some seminal works that have informed worldwide politics, religion and science? Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, The Bible, The Koran… when we appreciate the breadth and influence of these works we begin to appreciate the extent of a book’s potential […]

My Learning Log and blog

TASK As you make your way through this course, you are going to be reading, writing, thinking and experimenting with book design. All your enquiries into the many aspects of book design need to be well documented, via annotation, drawing, photography and any other appropriate means, in your learning log. Part notebook, part sketchbook, part […]