Letter Z

NOTE This page needs updating Ziggurat zealots zap zaney zebra… First sketches First digital mockup   Zentagle Final image   Research Zentangle Free fonts beginning with z Zebrawood Regular Typekit Zebrawood Fill Z fonts calligraphy   Evolution Wikipedia Zayin (also spelled zain or zayn or simply zay) is the seventh letter of  Semitic alphabets, including Phoenician Zayin […]

Letter Y

  NOTE This page needs updating Y_mockup_2 Youthful yogis yoke yawing yacht Development Brainstorm sketch Sketch details y Yellowing, yarn, yolk Yellow Pages Youthful yogis yell at yawing Y-front yachts yopping yawning yucca Yawning yucca yawps, yopping yowling yogis youthfully yoking yawing yacht First digital mockup Colours Initial mockup Image development Yolk yogis Using egg […]

Letter X

NOTE This page needs updating Xenophobic Xmas X-pats X-cruciate  X-ray Xylosaurs Initial Mockups Sketches Research No Typekit fonts for print begin with X Freefonts beginning with x Evolution Wikipedia Greek Chi Etruscan  :X In Ancient Greek, ‘Χ’ and ‘Ψ’ were among several variants of the same letter, used originally for /kʰ/ and later, in western […]

Letter W

  NOTE This page needs updating Witch wraith watches weeping women waging war with wriggly worms Initial brainstorm sketches   Letter associations w Wax, wax crayon, watercolour, woodcut, wallpaper, water soluble, whiting, wire Wabi sabi Warp, wedge, weight Wheat, White, Wisteria, washi, watercolour, wax paper, wove paper, wrapping paper, wall paper Winged werewolves wage water […]

Letter V

  NOTE This page needs updating Brainstorm sketch Rough sketch details Initial digital mockup   Velvet Vinyl Vaseline Final image

Letter U

NOTE This page needs updating I like this image. I am planning to transfer this image using undercoat paints painting on Unryu paper – that may alter things a bit. But if I am short of time,  compositing in Photoshop pretty much as it is. Changing mainly the right hand letter page. Preliminary ideas Doggerel: Ulcerated […]

Letter T

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Tangled thorns trap twisted tree trickling translucent tears   Materials: Transfer, tea, treacle, texture, tessalation, tiling, tortoiseshell, tracing paper, tracing, tracery, tissue, toilet tissue, transparency Style: translucent, transparent, triangular, terrifying. Preliminary ideas Source images Developing the image Final image Research Colours Adobe Typefaces    

Letter S

NOTE This page needs updating First doggerel: Secretive serpent sensuously slithers seeking shadowy synchronicity Materials: Sugar, salt, sand, sandpaper, sap, screenprint, scoring,scribble, scrim, scumble, seal, semigloss, semimatt, silk, sfumato, sgraffito, shellac, shoji translucent rice paper, silver point, silver foil, sketch, stamp, staple, stencil, stipple, stump, stylus, sisal, smear, soap, stain, stained glass, silk paper, Somerset White, sandpaper, sellotape, […]

Letter R

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel Rorschach rabbit regretfully ruminates romantic reversals First doggerel:  Rabid rebel rabbit roars ravenously repelling raggedy rioting Romans Materials: Relief print, resist, roller, rake, resin, raffia, rasps, rattan, rust, rice paper, rag paper, rice Style: Repetition, roman, rayonism, rorschach, Round, rugosity, rough, riotous, ragged, running Preliminary ideas Rust found images Developing the image Final […]

Letter Q

NOTE This page needs updating Preliminary ideas First doggerel: Queezy queen quickly quells querrulous queue  Media: Quill, quink, quilling Style: Qing, quirky, quick quink experiments   Research Colour Adobe Typefaces

Letter P

NOTE This page needs updating Preliminary ideas Peacock The image     Doggerel:  Pretty peacock precariously preaches paradise perplexing pious pilgrims     Pentagonal peacock precariously preaches paradise petrifying perverted patriots peacock president precariously preaches paradise perverting petrified pilgrims Media: Paint, pencil, pastel, photograph, Photography paper, pastel paper, plastic, plasticene, polystyrene, potato, print Style: Pointilist, primitive, […]

Letter O

NOTE This page needs updating Preliminary ideas Doggerel:  opulent oranges overpower otiose olives obstructing orifice opening on opalescent ocean Media: Oil paint, oil, oil pastel, oil stick, opalescent paint, origami paper, OHP slides, old brush Style: old, official, orthodox, overpowering, opulent, oriental, oscillating, overheating Media sketches Developing the image Final image   Research Colour Adobe typefaces

Letter N

NOTE This page needs updating Neanderthal nun never notices Nazi news Initial brainstorm sketch Detail sketches First digital mockup Nacre and nobbly Netting, newsprint, newspapers Nylon stocking Nails Developing the image Final Photoshop composite Developing the Page Neanderthal nun never notices Nazi news

Letter M

NOTE This page needs updating Mystic messiah meditating menhirs Initial brainstorm sketches   Detail keywords: Magic, malleable, manipulate, marionette, maquette, meander, metamorphosis, mind, mobile, monumental, mosque, mother, mudra, music, myth, mystery materials: Monoprint, marble, montage, macrame, magazine, mahlstick, mehndi, mesh, metallic, modelling, matches papers: masking tape, marble paper, matt paper, Masa (woodcut), metallic paper doggerel variants: Moaning magicians […]

Letter L

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Lanky lad liking luscious lips leave lonely lady lusting labyrinthine love Media: Linocut, lipstick, lace, lacquer, leaf, linseed oil, laid paper, laminate, latex Style: Line, life drawing, linear perspective, loop, Preliminary ideas First doggerel: Lanky long-legged lads licking lilly lips lose lonely ladies lusting labyrinthine love Lace ladies Source […]

Letter K

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Koo Klux King knowingly killing  kabbalic kaffirs Media and materials: Kirigami, kinaesthetic, kabuki, kohl, kaleidoscope, knots, knitting, kitchen towel, Kleenex Styles: kabuki, kouros, kinky, kabbala, kiblah Initial ideas kirigami experiments Digital experiments 1 Digital experiments 2 digital experiments 3 final image Research Colour Kohl black Adobe typefaces

Letter J

NOTE This page needs updating Image page Doggerel: Jewel jellyfish jeopardise jihadi jellybaby First ideas   Jam in Jar Jelly in Jar Final image

Letter I

NOTE This page needs updating   Doggerel: Infinite isolated individuals intermingle in intricately imperfect inverse iterations Media: isometric paper, ink Style: Indian Assessment of the image so far The main underlying concept was the idea of ‘I’ and individual identity.  Although many words start with letter I, there was not much choice in either media or colours beginning […]

Letter H

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Honeycomb harmony helps heal hormonal havoc Media and materials: Hammer, Hammerite, honey, hair, HP, H pencil, hosho, honeycomb, hot-pressed, hog brush, hand, holly, honesty, honeysuckle, hook, horn, hue, hard light Style: Hard, hazy, hasty, harmonious, havoc, horizontal, harlequin Initial ideas Detail sketches New ideas from media plat Developing the idea Final image Research […]

Letter G

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Gleeful gremlins grin greedily, glimpsing gullibility   Media and materials: Glue, graphite, gouache, gesso, gloss, grease, gold paper, graph paper, gloss paper, glassene, greaseproof paper, gampi Style: gross, greasy, golden, glinting, grid, gravity Initial ideas   Material experiments Image development Final image   Research Colours Adobe Illustrator Typefaces Evolution of the letterform Edited and […]

Letter F

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Flaming forest feeds futile family feud Image Development Initial brainstorm sketch Sketch details First digital mockup Feather scans   Research Edited and extended from: Letter F Wikipedia F (named ef /ˈɛf/) is the sixth letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. In the English writing system ⟨f⟩ is […]

Letter E

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel:  Elderly elephant educating eocene emissaries eagerly explains ecstatic explosion Media and materials: emulsion, enamel, emery paper,etch Style and mood: Expressionist, energetic, elusive, enigmatic Assessment of the image so far This image became very much materials driven, and changed considerably from my original concept to respond to images emerging from the […]

Letter D

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Dancing dinosaurs drink drippy dandelion dew defying demonic dogs Media: Drypoint, drawing Style: Dada?, demonic, dancing Assessment of the spread so far This image developed pretty much directly from my initial brainstorming and sketches. The letter D for me suggested dogs and dinosaurs (of different types and shapes), dancing dark […]

Letter C

  NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Cosy cats curiously contemplate creature comforts Media and materials: Chocolate, cutting, card, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, canvas Style: curvy, comfortable, cosy, cut out. Assessment of spread so far I am pretty pleased with this one – maybe because I enjoyed the chocolate! The image started off a a very […]

Letter B

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Bionic bunnies brandishing bayonets blindly battle belligerent butterflies bombing burger bridge Media and materials: Brush, bubble wrap, beetroot, berries, blend, burn, backlight, bamboo, batik, bead, bitumen, bisque, bite, bleach, bleed, blockprint,bone, butter, bricolage, burin, burnish, blotting paper, board, book, bond, Bristol Board, Bockingford Style: Bruxellism, bohemian, bokuseki, bokusaiga, botanical, Balance, bevel, bulge, bloat, […]

Letter A

NOTE This page needs updating Doggerel: Apathetic aliens astride angry ants attack amorous allosaurs attempting Armageddon Media: alluminium foil, Adobe Photoshop airbrush and acrylic. Style: Sort of Aztec, african, arabic mix – but I can push this further in future Photoshop revision of the alligators. Assessment of the spread so far My general feel for the letter […]

A to Z from Armageddon

NOTE I did a lot of work on all these images and all the blog pages need updating. Please see physical book submission. This book is an exploration of creative processes in trying to make sense of random rules. The letters of the alphabet were taken as the basis for brainstorming apparently random associations between different […]

Assignment 4: Greed Game Saudi Arabia

With Saudi Arabia I have only got as far as a pdf InDesign mockup and some initial visual ideas. Background booklet Saudi Arabia very preliminary digital draft of background booklet: Saudi_background2 Saudi Mindmap : style and concepts   The main style with Saudi Arabia will be abstract, with shady figures. A key challenge is that I […]

Assignment 4 : Greed Game – Iran

Overall messages/tensions: deep-rooted ‘spiritual’, sufi and also progressive art ‘feminine’ side (even lorry drivers I met in the 70s could recite poetry and the Shah and his father implemented social reforms eg in position of women) which became linked to corruption of the elite class the very conservative male domination of the mullahs that took […]

Assignment 4: Greed Game – United Arab Emirates

UAE Background booklet so far: UAE_background_Version6 UAE research page UAE art Overall messages/tensions UAE has been cobbled together by colonial powers from 7 emirates that find it quite problematic to work together, because of historic rivalries. MKuch of what has been built has risen out of the desert because of a wish for self-aggrandisement by sheikhs […]

Assignment 4: Greed Game – Oman

Overall messages/tensions Oman is a relatively peaceful country, proud of its cultural past and developing a tourist industry. Although lots of money was wasted by Sultan Qaboos who is lambasted in the book, there seems to be little political repression and Omani women have a lot of freedom. The main concern is what will happen […]

Assignment 4 Altered Book : The Greed Game

NOTE I did a lot of work on this assignment just prior to sending for assessment and did not have time to take photos and update these blog pages. Please refer to physical submission for assessment and treat these pages as background only. Contents of physical submission for assessment:  The Greed Game Box tied with a […]

Assignment 3 My Little Book of…

THE BRIEF Create two books explaining and exploring the typographic principles you have researched in this section. Your books should each take the form of a simple eight-page booklet – folded, stapled or stitched. Design the cover and contents for each. Keep notes to accompany the making of each book in your learning log. These notes should cover why you […]

Assignment 2: Jacket Design On the Road

Assessment submission The Brief This assignment will allow you to put into practice what you have learnt in all the projects and exercises you have done so far, in particular your ability to work through the design process and undertake creative problem-solving in relation to a set brief. Create jacket artwork for the Beat generation classic, On […]

Assignment 1: Introducing yourself Zine

Assignment Brief This first assignment is about introducing yourself so that your tutor can get to know you, your interests and your work better. This assignment is not submitted for formal assessment. What was the last book you read? What was the first book you read? What’s your favourite cover design? What are your ‘top ten’ titles? […]