Project 3.1b Experimental Typography

TASK Using a single typeface of your choice, lay out the following text in as inventive a way as possible . It is important that you play with the text, with individual letters and words. Experiment with the letters and words to significantly alter the arrangement of the text, its rhythm and readability. How experimental can you be […]

Project 3.1a Type Samples Sketchbook

  TASK Find as many examples of type as you can from a range of sources, including newspapers, magazines, flyers, leaflets and printed ephemera. Broadly classify them into serif and sans-serif groups. Explore your computer to see whether you have any of the typefaces mentioned on the previous page. Find other examples on your computer that relate to […]

Assignment 3 My Little Book of…

THE BRIEF Create two books explaining and exploring the typographic principles you have researched in this section. Your books should each take the form of a simple eight-page booklet – folded, stapled or stitched. Design the cover and contents for each. Keep notes to accompany the making of each book in your learning log. These notes should cover why you […]