3: Principles Technique Discoveries To Do Typography

Typography in InDesign

3: Principles Typography

Typography in Photoshop

Photoshop does not have so much flexibility in terms of vector type controls. But is better for projects aiming for artistic integration of type into images – for example Jabberwocky. Video tutorials Really good rapid overview of all type options in Photoshop  (in Hindi but I understand Hindi). Type on a path Good on the […]

4: Materials and Process Assignment Design Inspiration Research

Islamic Geometric Design using Abobe Illustrator

Digital constructions Tutorial series by Smail Dahnani

4: Materials and Process Colour

Colour Management

 Sources Cambridge in Colour: Colour Management and Printing series Underlying concepts and principles: Human Perception; Bit Depth; Basics of digital cameras: pixels Color Management from camera to display Part 1: Concept and Overview; Part 2: Color Spaces; Part 3: Color Space Conversion; Understanding Gamma Correction Bit Depth Every color pixel in a digital image is created through some combination […]

4: Materials and Process Colour Printing To Do

Digital Printing

THE PIXEL: A FUNDAMENTAL UNIT OF DIGITAL IMAGES Every digital image consists of a fundamental small-scale descriptor: THE PIXEL, invented by combining the words “PICture ELement.” Each pixel contains a series of numbers which describe its color or intensity. The precision to which a pixel can specify color is called its bit or color depth. The […]

3: Principles 4: Materials and Process Images Printing To Do

Image Resolution

Pixels and vector graphics There are two distinct ways in which your computer stores visual information digitally: you can have either pixel images or vector graphics. If you take a magnifying glass to any computer screen you will see that it is made up of tiny squares or dots. These are the smallest single components […]