From Letter C

There is something so very sensuous and comforting using my fingers to get very different effects of different dilutions at different temperatures on different types of card/cardboard. Like using paint, but non-toxic.

 Chocolate cats

I got hooked on the sensuous feel of drawing curves with my finger. And also the different types of effect produced on different types of card. It is impossible to really control. But smooth white card glides, absorbent card gives a more water colour effect.

Technique conclusions

There are many ways in which the effects of chocolate can be varied.

My technique was to put some boiling water into a small jar lid – deep enough so the water does not cool too quickly and wide enough to dip a full piece of chocolate into. But not so big that the melted chocolate at the end becomes too dilute to use.

Ways of varying the effect:

  • Chocolate of different temperature. Immediately hot dipped gives a much smoother line. As it cools the line becomes more dappled and blotchy.
  • Different parts of the chocolate piece: use the corners, side or squish it flat.
  • Different dilution: as the unused melted chocolate sinks to the bottom of the lid, it can be used like a watercolour wash
  • Different surfaces: try canvas, card/cardboard of different types, foil etc
  • Continue to work it: after it is dry it can still be warmed and smeared with the finger. It can also be cut into.