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Zemni Design Blog is written by Linda Mayoux .

It is part of my work for a BA degree in Visual Communication with Open College of the Arts. It brings together my work and thoughts for:

Book Design 1: Principles and Process
Zemni artist’s statement
About Zemni
About this Blog

Part 1: Beginning (to be uploaded)


1.1 What is Book Design?
1.2 Printing and Publishing
1.3 Creative Design Process

Assignment 1: Introducing Yourself – ‘zine’

Part 2: Form and Function (to be uploaded)

2.1 Anatomy of a book
2.2 Book genres
2.3 Front cover
2.4 Approaches to design

Assignment 2 Jacket Design – On the Road

Part 3: Principles and Process

3.1 Typography

Project 3.1a: Typesamples Sketchbook
Project 3.1b Experimental Type

3.2 Working with Images

Project 3.2 Working with Images: Jaberwocky and Venice

3.3 Layout

Project 3.3 Double Page Spread

Assignment 3 My Little Book of…

Part 4: Materials and processes 

4.1 Paper

Project 4.1: Paper and Ephemera

4.2 Managing colour

Project 4.2 Creating images

4.3 Printing process

Project 4.3 Printing your images

4.4 Collating and Binding: alternative approaches

Project 4.4 Collating and binding your images

Assignment 4 Altered book: The Greed Game

Part 5: Production

5.1 Reflective Exercise


5.2 Project Workflow

Assignment 5: Book – A is for …

Logbook and Sketchbooks

This blog gives overviews, pdfs and links to other Internet materials for my coursework. It helps me to keep track of all the video and other materials available on the web. It provides a way of helping me to think through interconnections and look at progressive development of my ideas through the course. It complements rather than duplicates:

Logbook for the course where the ideas discussed here are presented in physical form as A2 collaged narratives of the development of my ideas through the course (see sample photos forthcoming)

Sketchbook 1: On the Road (pdf forthcoming) for assignment 2.

Sketchbook 2: Design Experiments (pdf forthcoming) for parts 2 and 3.

Sketchbook 3: Typeface samples (pdf forthcoming) for part 3.

Sketchbook 4: Islamic identities (pdf forthcoming) for part 4.

Sketchbook 5: Type experiments (pdf forthcoming) for part 5.

Companion websites and blogs

Zemni Illustration complements my blogs for other OCA courses.

Zemniimages home page that links my various blogs

List of other OCA courses professional site to order or download images.


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