Selected images

NOTE I do not have up-to-date photos of The Greed Game that I would also put here. Please see physical submission. 

Selected best works

And the things I enjoyed doing most:

  1. A to Z from Armageddon 
  2. The Greed Game
  3. Jabberwoky
  4. Anon
  5. On the Road covers and Sketchlog
  6. My Fanzine

Course assignments and project : all links

1: Beginning

Assignment 1: My Zine

Project 1.1 Identity

2 : Form and Function

Assignment 2: Jacket Design On the Road

3 : Principles

Assignment 3: My Little Book of Good Photography, Bad Photography

Project 3.1b Experimental Typography

Project 3.2 Illustrating Text



4 : Materials and processes

Assignment 4: Altered Book The Greed Game

Projects: Experimental Book Anon


Part 5: Production

Assignment 5: Self-published book: A to Z from Armageddon

Selected pages only for copyright reasons please see physical book.