3: Principles Typography

Filippo Marinetti

      Marinetti typography  Google images Futurist_Manifesto Edited from Wikipedia article Futurism Marinetti is known best as the author of the Futurist Manifesto, which he wrote in 1909. It was published in French on the front page of the most prestigious French daily newspaper, Le Figaro, on 20 February 1909. In The Founding and […]

3: Principles Grid Typography

Massimo Vignelli

Google Images Vignelli Associates website Massimo Vignelli (1931 – 2014) was an Italian designer who worked firmly within the Modernist tradition. He focused on simplicity through the use of basic geometric forms in all his work. He worked in a number of areas ranging from package design through houseware design and furniture design to public […]

3: Principles Design Grid Inspiration Typography

Joseph Muller Brockman

Josef Müller-Brockmann (May 9, 1914 – August 30, 1996) was a Swiss graphic designer and teacher. He is recognised for his simple designs and his clean use of typography (notably Akzidenz-Grotesk), shapes and colours which inspire many graphic designers in the 21st century. Each letter has its own personality …the forms of letters can create simultaneously […]

Design Inspiration

El Lissitsky

Lazar Markovich Lissitzky (1890 – 1941), better known as El Lissitzky  was a Russian artist, designer, photographer, typographer, polemicist and architect. He was an important figure of the Russian avant garde, helping develop suprematism with his mentor, Kazimir Malevich, and designing numerous exhibition displays and propaganda works for the former Soviet Union. His work greatly […]

2: Form and Function 3: Principles Approaches Inspiration Typography

Wolfgang Weingart

Wolfgang Weingart (born 1941 in the Salem Valley in southern Germany) is an internationally known graphic designer and typographer. His work is categorized as Swiss typography and he is credited as “the father” of New Wave or Swiss Punk typography.   “I took ‘Swiss Typography’ as my starting point, but then I blew it apart, never […]

2: Form and Function 3: Principles Approaches Design Grid Images Inspiration To Do Typography

David Carson

David Carson (born September 8, 1954) is an American graphic designer, art director and surfer. He is best known for his innovative magazine design, and use of experimental typography. He worked as a sociology teacher and professional surfer in the late 1970s. From 1982 to 1987, Carson worked as a teacher in Torrey Pines High School in […]

2: Form and Function Approaches Design Inspiration

Neville Brody

Neville Brody (born 23 April 1957 in London) is an English graphic designer, typographer and art director. Influenced by Punk, Dada and Pop Art. He is the  Head of the Communication Art & Design department at the Royal College of Art. In 1988 Thames & Hudson published the first of two volumes about his work, which […]

2: Form and Function 3: Principles Approaches Design Typography

Jan Tschichold

JanTschichold (1902- 1974) was a typographer, book designer, teacher and writer. Modernism Tschichold became a convert to Modernist design principles in 1923 after visiting the first Weimar Bauhaus exhibition. He wrote an influential 1925 magazine supplement; then had a 1927 personal exhibition. Die neue Typographie  Google images a manifesto of his theories of modern design and codified many other Modernist […]

1: Beginning To Do

Eric Gill

2: Form and Function 3: Principles To Do

Phil Baines