3: Principles To Do Typography

Experimental Typography

The medium is the message

Marshall McLuhan

Do not mistake legibility for communication

David Carson

Tripwire online magazine Experimental Typography 

Cargo collective experimental typography

Design Beep

Webdesigner Depot


Experimental typographers

Alex Trochut

Meriem Marsli

Notes from Teal Triggs The Typographic Experiment: Radical Innovation in Contemporary Type Design

Experimental means ‘a valid means of rational investigation, of taking risks and viewing those risks as crucial to the development of the overall design process’ p007

  • Identified usually with avant-garde – rejecting existing traditions or canons of style but it may also take forward ideas and develop original positions. But avant-garde moves quickly to mainstream in the search for the next ‘new thing’.
  • Communication with the audience is also constantly renegotiated as they become quickly accustomed to ‘the new’.
  • Expressive – the way language is articulated through the use and arrangement of type to enhance communication. Distinct from emotive or illustrative treatment of letterforms which often eclipses the clear presentation of the message.

The Medium is the Message

Mapping Meaning and Defining Spaces

Typo-anarchy and the DIY of Design

Visual Poetry

Small Screen (Bigger Picture)


Concrete and Visual poetry: Aldus Manutius pattern poems, Appolinaire’s calligrammes, Stephane Mallarme, Finlay

Marinetti dadaists and futurists

Robert Massin 1960s

Emigre magazine


Wolfgang Weingart

Daniel Friedman

April Greiman


Katherine McCoy

Fuse Magazine

Neville Brody

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See also Typographic Art

Here the image made by the type is the main aim, the meaning of the text is subordinated to this.