1: Beginning Inspiration


  It was first used by US sci fi enthusiast Louis Russell Chauvenet in 1940 and by 1949 was in common use. ‘Fanzine’ was abbreviated to ‘zine’ in 1970s.  The rise of fanzines  was part of the punk subcultural response to mainstream society – in this case, mainstream print. Distribution: Zines were hand-made publications produced in […]

1: Beginning 2: Form and Function Approaches Inspiration

Guerilla Girls

Guerilla Girls, a feminist group fighting sexism in arts practice. Formed in New York in 1985, the group maintain their anonymity by wearing gorilla masks and using the names of dead female artists as pseudonyms, e.g. Frida Kahlo and Hannah HÖch. They put pressure on organisations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York by […]