Technique Discoveries To Do

Alluminium foil

See Letter A

To be further developed as I do more on Saudi Arabia and use in other projects.

Textures: Foil Armaggedon

I also experimented with different ways of incising shapes into the aluminium foil with the intention of painting over with acryllic paint. I first explored scanning, then working with the scans in Photoshop. But in the end I may paint over with acryllic to really bring out some of the shapes before going to Photoshop.

Shapes: Alligators and allosaurs

These developed by accident as I was tearing up the foil for Armeggedon below, and I noticed some of the shapes that started to look like male or female alligators, so I played around a bit with this idea and did a number of different scans, crops and inversions.