Technique Discoveries


From Assignment 5: Letter D

I had experimented using dremels and drills on acetate and other surfaces from my OCA Printmaking course. See:

Demonic dogs, dancing dinosaurs and drippy danhdelion dew

I had intended to use the normal drypoint technique for my image for the letter D, printing with ink. With the transparent acetate all my dog and triangle dinosaur sketches could be easily traced on the reverse.

But when I started I did not realise that the acetate drypoint plates had a protective film. As I scratched into it it started to make very interesting textures around the line – like stitching and drips. There were also very interesting shadows as the sun shone through the window onto the yellowing plates.

So, as I was also thinking about  compositing digitally, I thought I would see first what I could make of the images produced just by scratching, photographing and scanning before staining the plates with ink. In the end I liked these images and did not use ink.

Final image

This image still needs a lot of sorting out in Photoshop to get the blending, shadows and glows do what I want.


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Letter D

From Assignment 5: Letter D