Assignment 4: Greed Game Saudi Arabia

With Saudi Arabia I have only got as far as a pdf InDesign mockup and some initial visual ideas.

Background booklet

Saudi Arabia very preliminary digital draft of background booklet: Saudi_background2

Saudi Mindmap : style and concepts



The main style with Saudi Arabia will be abstract, with shady figures.

A key challenge is that I have some very violent images that reflect a lot of what is going on – and also my own anger with that in terms of the version of Islam being exported, and also the corruption and greed being covered up by Western powers for their own interest. As long as my Background booklet on Islam is very balanced and shows clearly the enormous contribution Islam has made, and is making, to global civilisation, then the contrast with Saudi Arabia may be more acceptable. Attributed in large part to the oil rush.

I will have to see how to package this. I am thinking of using the blobs and alluminium foil. Partly printed on OHP transparencies as the whole issue is protected and glossed over.

Rabbit and mushroom ink blobs

Violence and sexuality from random acrylic ink blobs on a page of geometric designs. The randomness gives these images a power I feel – the issue being in the cropping to imply meanings – maybe clarified in Photoshop. If I do not use them for Saudi Arabia, they have possibilities elsewhere.


Aluminium foil

Some ideas currently developing from Aluminium foil in Assignment 5 give the possibility of greater abstraction of the figures. These also have little friezes like cuneiform that might be quite interesting if enhanced in Photoshop.



Saudi Arabia research page

Saudi Arabia art

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