Assignment 4: Greed Game – United Arab Emirates

UAE Background booklet so far: UAE_background_Version6

UAE research page

UAE art

Overall messages/tensions

UAE has been cobbled together by colonial powers from 7 emirates that find it quite problematic to work together, because of historic rivalries. MKuch of what has been built has risen out of the desert because of a wish for self-aggrandisement by sheikhs like Sheikh Zayed. Sheikh Rashid of Dubai is however more progressive and visionary. Nevertheless there has been considerable and development and progress that is likely to continue and gradually democratise. The situation for women is quite conservative, but there are women airplane pilots and entrepreneurs coming up. The main issue seems to be the human rights of immigrant workers and an almost apartheidt system.


Red, Green, Black and White from the flag.

Shape dynamics

Horizontals of the desert and verticals of sky-scrapers.


Collage, tissue (the sheikhs seem to always have coloured tissues at hand), wallpaper textures.


Background Booklet pages so far

Page 1

This needs to be properly developed, but shows the prehistoric art against the skyscrapers. Should be something more on social/political situation too.

Page 2

initial issue overview in shape of dows

Page 3

British involvement from the beginning. Paper was painted with red acrylic, then crumpled and soaked in water. The map was varnished. The butterflies were from a glossy sheet from ‘Tidy Box’. I quite like the idea of these British butterflies flying in to ‘save the world’. This scan was a bit too contrasty, the original is more weathered.

Page 4

This scan is too desaturated – all these three pages are the same contrast. I used a printed frame with imperial maritime images. I had removed some earlier images and quite like the torm background.


Page 5

This page is more saturated, and covered with OHP transparency film to ‘protect the treaty’ like a photo frame.


Page 6

This page has a collage of blob paintings – I really like them individually, but I will probably rearrange them and maybe print. The original is not so contrasty.


Page 7


Page 8

This page needs a cartoon drawing of Shakhbut with his mirrors and chair, or the mirrors and chair without Shakhbut. I will probably do this  in black pencil direct on the page as printing would be too difficult to place unless I can sort this issue out with my printer.


Page 9

I quite like the laughing British penguins here – busy bodies interfering in everything.


Page 10

This is just a digital mockup. Still to be done.


Page 11

This is just a digital mockup. Still to be done.


Page 12

Collage of Abu Dhabi


Page 13


Page 14


Page 15


Page 16


Page 17


Page 18

From here onwards are just digital mockups on the painted pages. A lot still to do, but gives the idea.


Page 19


Page 20

UAE_background_V6pages20 #

Page 21


Page 22


Page 23


Page 24



  • Shk Rashid Dubai  (to be done using dreamy tissue and wallpaper)

Shk Zayed Abu Dhabi

Allies_Zayed1 Allies_Zayed2 Allies_Zayed3 Allies_Zayed4

Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak

favourite wife of Shkh Zayed

Allies_SkhaFatima1 Allies_SkhaFatima2

Sheikha Sanaa bint al Mana al Maktoum

Dubai princess and entrepreneur

Allies_ShKaSanaa Allies_ShKaSanaa2



  • Sam Cummings small-scale US arms dealer (to be done)
  • ‘Man from Wisconsin’ – hapless businessman trying to make an entrance on the scene (to be done)


To be done

Technique Discoveries

wallpaper textures

tissue paper


Distressed paper (forthcoming)

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